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Curriculum at Holy Cross Academy

curriculum at holy cross academy

Global trends in Education are all for learning environments in small groups with learners taking active interest in their learning. Where learners and their families are involved the learning is much more effective. Our curriculum is designed to make it convenient for our students to take active part in their learning through various techniques introduced by the teachers. The goal is to equip our students to be prepared with the skills that need to be developed at an appropriate age which will chart the course for their future careers and will be a base for their professional development. Communication is today considered one of the key skills in the modern world. The ability to express oneself needs the proficiency in language skills and also the confidence to face an audience. We provide structured interventions at various levels to allow our students to express themselves through various means. Letters, blogs, creative student campaigns and paintings are only a few means of developing creativity through effective communication. Drama, speech, choir and music are other effective and enjoyable ways of allowing a child to bloom as a communicator. Our school calendar is full of activities to allow a child to develop his skills and talents.


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