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Inter-House Handwriting Competition

"Our Handwriting Style Depicts our Personality Traits"

An Inter-House Handwriting Competition for the Middle school (Grade 6 to 8) was organised at

Holy Cross Academy, Kurla. It was held on 3rd April, 2023. The objective of this competition

was to encourage students to improve presentation skills and to inculcate habit of good

handwriting. The competition was conducted in the School Community Hall.

Handwriting is an essential skill for students to encourage them to develop fine motor skills and

confidence.It provides the students with an opportunity to display their competency of legible

writing. There was overwhelming responses from the students and respective House Teachers

selected the two best students from their respective houses in each of the Grades 6 to 8. A total of

20 students enthusiastically participated in this competition and had put their best foot forward to

display their writing skills. The judges for the Inter-house handwriting competition were Ms.

Meena L and Ms. Swathi B. The judgement was done on the basis of Uniformity of alphabets,

Clarity & spacing of words, Legibility and Overall neatness.

Following were the Prize Winners for the Inter-House Handwriting competition:

1st Prize Mst. Aaron D'souza- Grade 8- Azure house

2nd Prize Ms. Nataliya Lobo- Grade 8- Azure house

3rd Prize Mst. Kabeer Sapla- Grade 6- Shamrock house


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