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Igniting a personal growth story in each child through Catholic Education


Holy Cross High School in its 120th year since its inception has decided to launch Holy Cross Academy with an ICSE-based curriculum. The ICSE curriculum for its campus caters to students, driven by 21st Century skills. The school will focus on offering a sound Catholic education through a variety of teaching methods, extracurricular activities and interactive learning. We are future-ready with our school prepared with the requirements of the NEP Policy of the government. School education is marked for a sea change and we are prepared to give the best learning opportunities for our students.

To strengthen families by offering our students quality Catholic education




The school logo lays out the broad vision of Holy Cross Academy which it seeks to carry out in all its academic and co- curricular activities.


A Vision is the capacity to gaze into the future and prepare for it today to make it happen tomorrow. A visionary is one who can see differently from all others. A vision can inspire someone to make the necessary sacrifices today for a better future. A visionary takes on the responsibility for a better future. We strive to create students with their own vision for life. Through participation in academics, sports, art, music and nature activities one can develop one's own vision and self identity at school.


Education is not about gathering  knowledge but being able to use it to  help the student to apply it to real life situations. Wisdom is what will ultimately help one to make decisions that will really matter in life. To be able to develop one's own individuality and become the best version of oneself rather than the life of someone else is what makes one truly happy. 


Spirituality encompasses the world we cannot see but a world of values, a belief system and a Greater Being, we call God. Spirituality expresses our openness to the Divine. The sacred sphere of time, space and persons who carry a message of hope and blessing. As a Catholic school, we are proud of our Christian heritage and very much appreciate the rich Indian spiritual values of respect for nature, respect for elders and strong family system that belong to both the Christian and Indian tradition.


Charity is expressed in actions of giving, sharing and collaborative effort Having received love , care and attention, each student must learn to give. While success can make one selfish, true character is tested when one is willing to share one's gifts  with others, especially those who  are less fortunate. When one is capable of giving and sharing, one has matured enough to understand these are timeless values that will ultimately matter. 

We strive to inculcate these values so that one can be a,   You are the light of the world  

Light is the universal symbol of an onward journey, of progress and growth. 

Our school logo carries the message of the Lord Jesus in his famous sermon on the Mount, asking his disciples to eliminate darkness by the light of dedication and commitment.




An ICSE based curriculum that engages students for self driven learning. The teaching faculty is trained and experienced to help students to experience a wide variety of learning experiences from classroom to field exploration, lab to library and play to research based learning outcomes . The subscribed books also make it convenient to allow students with online resource access. Worksheets and regular practice in class makes it possible for students to grasp their lessons better in class.


We offer a wide variety of coaching in Sports, Coding and Robotics, Abacus, Vedic Math, Music, Dance, Yoga etc.


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